The number and type of slot tournament you can enter these days are high and very varied, and as such you should try and make a point of learning how each type of slot tournament has been designed, for with plenty of them on offer, and some huge cash prizes up for grabs on most of them, they can be a great way of spending some time playing slots, but in a competition type of way.

One slot tournament that many online casinos tend to offer are based around the number of comp points that you will earn when playing one or more slot machines, as a slot tournament is in play, and that could be over an hour, a day or even over an entire week.

There is a downside to entering a comp points based slot tournament, which by the way are also referred to as a slot or slots race, and that is you are going to have to play with your own real money each time you play one or more of the tournament slots rather than using  tournament credits.

The way such tournaments will have been designed, is that you will first often need to opt in to take part in such a tournament, and by doing so you will then be required to play any of the slots that have been chosen for that slot race with your own money whilst the tournament is open and in live play.

As you play that slot or slots you will be earning comp points as you do so, in the usual way, however it will then be the players that are awarded the most comp points during the time the tournament is running that will then be awarded one of the cash or bonus prizes associated with such a tournament.

It will however, become very obvious if you do take part in any comp point based slot tournaments that it is usually the high stake players that pick up all of the prizes on offer, for they will earn more comp points based on the higher stakes they are playing for.

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