Slot tournaments are ever-growing in popularity and for good reason,   they stretch the player’s money further than they would enjoy otherwise if playing in the regular casino games.

After some extended time checking out the slot tournaments so that I could better write about them,  I began to take notice of one particular area which in this case I am speaking of the RTG Casinos powered tournaments and in specific,  the random jackpot that a large portion of their games provide.

I have won this feature at very least three times and more likely it has been four or five because I didn’t really know to start looking for this until it had happened a couple times to draw my attention.  Since becoming aware to count,  I know I have won the random jackpot three times.

Yet when I play the same games in the regular part of the casino,  for longer periods of time no less,  I have yet to win even one random jackpot.

There are several reasons why this could have happened as it did,  the least of which being just as luck would have it,

Regardless of whether this is a reason for concern,  or just dumb luck,  it has reminded me to remind my readers not to go into any real money games with expectations built from playing free or even tournament games.

Please check back as I will be looking into this matter further and will be reporting it as I go.