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    Making the move from regular online casinos or even land based casinos into the world of live casinos should be a relatively straight forward one for most players, and with sites such as Golden Tiger Casino making a wide range of easy to access games available you should be online and playing them in no time at all.

    However should you never have heard about or let along played at a live casino you may be wondering what they are all about, if this is the case then you need to be informed that they offer a brand new revolutionary way of playing your favourite card or tables games, using a live video connection with a land based gaming venue and as such thanks to some clever technology not only can you see these casino games play out in all their glory but you can also wager on them in real time, remotely from your computer or lap top!

    It goes without saying that as you can now see each and every game play out in font of you that this adds to the level of trust between players and casinos as unlike the older style software drive casinos you cannot be left wondering had the casino at which you have been playing somehow rigged or tampered in such a way that you could not possibly win when playing their games.

    It is true to say that many online gamblers playing at such online casinos will, at one time of another, had a sneaky suspicion that not all was fair when they have played a poor session, but by embracing this new technology you can be left in no doubt that any gaming session you played using a live casino was not fair, and you have seen everything happen yourself via the live video connection.

    The only noticeable thing you will spot when playing live casino card games namely the Baccarat or Blackjack games is that most live casinos tend to use bigger cards that you would find in a normal land based casino, this is simply to allow you and all fellow players to be able to clearly see what cards they and the dealer have been dealt.

    The Dealer will also once they have drawn out each card from the shoe rub the card over a small detector placed in the table, this is to allow the computer software to be able to know what card you and the dealer have been dealt and then display on your screen via computer graphics the possible betting options which are now available to you such as Hitting a card in Blackjack or taking Insurance etc.

    You will also be able to view the game for free by simply launching them from any of our featured live casino sites, you will not be obligated to make a deposit instead you can just sit there and see how they work, play and operate and this will give you an indication of whether they are of the standard necessary for you to put them into play for real money.

    Live Casino Games
    At the current time you are only going to come across a small collection of live casinos games and these are roulette, baccarat and blackjack, but you will find several different variants of each game up and running and the growing number of live casino sites which are opening up online.

    So it can often pay dividends for players to do some shopping around when looking for a new online live casino at which to play, as in the case of roulette for example some sites will offer the two zero version, whilst some will offer the European version and some will, if you look hard enough offer you the French version which has just one single zero in play on its wheel but has a great rule when a zero spins in which gives all your even money paying wagers a compensation, that being you get half of the amount of money you staked on them back.

    Blackjack rules can also vary greatly from live casino to live casino and this can mean some shopping around is going to be required to make sure you end up playing the variant which offers the lowest house edge, another thing to keep in mind is that the payout for a winning player blackjack hand may vary and this can and does have a dramatic effect on the house edge if a poor payout for this hand is paid, so whatever you do checkout the payouts and game play rules on each and every live blackjack game you are thinking of playing.

    When it comes to live Baccarat there is not much to look out for apart of course for the payout for the tied hand wager, oh and also make sure what the house edge is on the Banker bet as this can also have an effect on the house edge attached to each different online variant.

    All in all you should have lost of fun and games when playing at a live casino, as long as you get to grips with how they work and operate and if you are wondering what happens should for whatever reason your connection drop as you are half way through a game such a blackjack, then all that will happen is if you time out when playing the casino will play your hand for you based on their strategy for such an event happening, which will give you a very fair chance of winning even if you are not there to see it play out.

    If you like what you have read then make sure you at least view a live casino in action by visiting any of our approved live casino sites such as Super Casino, you really will like what you see and should soon get to grips with how they work and operate, and with their welcome bonus offer you will get off to a flying start!

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