There are of course lots of land based casinos that you are going to enjoy visiting which are based in Canada, however there are of course lots of online casinos that have a huge and every growing range of different casino games on offer which are open to players based anywhere in Canada.

With that in mind you may be wondering what benefits there will be in regards to play at a land based casino in Canada or possibly signing up to an online casino site with the best and recommended gaming software for players that prefer to play in CAD.

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It is for that reason that we have chosen to put together the following casino guide. Below you will find a list of highlighted features and alongside each of them we will let you know of any differences in regards to what an online casino in Canada or a land based Canadian casino site will be offering you.

So please read on for as you would expect there are going to be pros and cons in regards to just where you do decide to play casino games, however this guide will allow you to make sense of those two very different gaming environments!

Choice of Casino Games – The online casino games that you will be able to access and play at from anywhere in Canada are without a shadow of a doubt going to be offering you by far and away the most diverse range of casino games.

Obviously a land based casino is going to be strictly limited in regards to just how many casino games that they will offer you, however there will never be any upper limit in regards to how many casino games you will find being offered to you at an online casino site!

Promotional Offers – It will always depend just when you plan to play any types of real money casino games in regards to what promotional offers you will then have full and unrestricted access too.

There can be some very high valued bonuses being made available to you at online casino sites and they tend to be way higher than anything that a land based casino venue is going to be making available you so do keep that in mind when you are hunting around for the best promotional deals

Casino Comps – There is going to be a world of difference in regards to the number of camp points and the redemption rates being offered to you by an online casino it and any land based casino venue.

It is with that in mind it will always pay dividends for you to shop around to ensure you are playing at a casino site that is always going to reward you to the max based on your real money gaming action, whilst online casinos tend to only offer casino reads via the redemption of your accumulated comp points land based casinos in Canada often can and do offer a range of additional benefits to their loyal and regular real money players

RTP and House Edges – To have the maximum chances of winning then you will need to first learn how to play any type of casino game optimally, perfectly and of course with the very best strategy in place.

However, you will then need to find casino games which boats the very highest of payout percentages and the every lowest of house edges. It has to be noted that the better paying games those being with the highest payout percentages and the lowest of house edges are always the casino games which can be accessed and played online, so they are the gaes you should only ever be playing for the best chances of winning!

New Casino Games – Whilst land based casinos do quite often get a range of brand new casino games for their players to play, one thing to always keep in mind is that the number of new casino games available at online casing sites is always going to be larger in number.

In fact, many online casinos get lots of brand new casino games loaded and available from their gaming platforms every single month of the year and that is something no land based casinos will be offering!

Travel Expenses – One thing that you are always going to have to factor into the equation if you do wish to visit a land based casino is travel expenses, for you may prefer to go by public transport and there will always be fees and charges associated with doing so.

If you choose to visit a land based casino in your own vehicle, then gas will of course need paying for and sometime you may even have to pay to park your car too! However, the obvious benefit of playing at an online casino site if you are based in Canada is that all you will need to do so it to fire up your computer or laptop.

In fact, you will be able to play anywhere and at any time if you do use a computer or laptop for all you need is a power source and an internet connection, and there are obviously never going to be any travel cost associated with connecting up to an online casing site no matter where you happen to live in Canada!

Entertainment Value – One thing that quite a number of land based casinos throughout Canada will be offering is a range of additional entertainment opportunities when you visit the premises in which their casino is housed.

You will often find they have a ballroom or some form of theatre in which you will be able to buy tickets or be given them for free to watch acts including singers, dancers and comedians etc. That is of course something that an online casino site will not be able to offer you.

However, is is not unheard of for some online casinos to be very generous to their high rolling players and they will often send them out tickets to attend some form of function or event based on their level of play.