Casino credits and their values have a great impact on the slot player and many never give it a second thought. At the time of this writing any real life casino I have ever visited which includes Las Vegas multiple times and the riverboats near my home on a regular basis, have slot machine games which allow the player to change casino credits value while not having to leave the machine they are playing.

I do recall seeing one machine which allowed you to jump casino credit values from a quarter of a dollar to a half dollar but that is not a lot of loose reign when compared to the online casinos allowing the jump from literally pennies to as much (or more) than ten dollars per credit value.

Online gambling has that one thing over most (if not all) land-based casinos and it is in my opinion a huge factor. I\’ve almost forsaken the real life casinos because why would I want to drive through traffic and possibly have to wait in line to both enter the casino and when I get to my favorite machine, and not be able to take advantage of increasing my casino credits to higher values without leaving the machine that is paying off?

Allowance for credit values to be changed opens the door for /”betting strategy/” in respect to your bank roll. In other words you can increase your bets when winning and decrease them when losing.

To put this in perspective of importance consider that If not for this allowance in the game of blackjack the card counters would never have an edge over the house even if they knew what the next card was likely going to be. The simple fact that the player could not adjust the wager amount to fully take advantage of such knowledge would be enough to prevent the player from ever hurting the casino and they\’d probably walk a way a loser.

Please note: these are personal observations which I offer only for consideration. Do not go out and bet the farm based on this information. It simply is what seems to work best for me. There is no scientific basis to support my theories.

Luck seems to run in streaks and if you view the wins I\’ve had you will note that the majority of my wins happened when my casino credits were valued above, or very far above, what the minimum possible credit value could have been. That is not a random occurrence but rather the result of strategy, or as much a result of strategy as the slot will allow.