There are quite a number of major difference that may or may not appeal to you in regards to the way that online Blackjack games play and pay online, and as such if you do fancy giving some Blackjack game variants a try today online then we would advise you to have a read through this Blackjack playing guide to find out what these differences are, for by doing so you will enlighten yourself as to whether playing Blackjack in the online gaming environment is for you!

The main difference you are bound to notice when playing Blackjack online is that the games are not dealt out from a shoe of cards as they are in a land based casino, the way the cards are going to be selected is by a random number generator and not through a shuffle as found in land based casinos.

Also, and this is a very important thing to keep in mind, when you are playing online Blackjack games these cards are dealt from a new deck of cards on each new game you play, so this will mean you cannot count cards as you may enjoy doing in a land based casino!

If you log into one of our rated and approved Playtech Casinos you will in fact not only come across a range of Blackjack games that use a random number genitor but you will also come across a range of Live Blackjack games and these games are dealt our from a shoe of cards which the Dealer occasionally will shuffle!

Tips for Playing Blackjack Games Online

Unlike certain online casino games such as Online Roulette when you play online Blackjack games you should always learn to play that variant perfectly and this will mean you should learn to play perfect basic strategy for the card game you are playing as this will ensure you do not make any game playing errors that could cost you a lot of money and therefore reduce your available Blackjack playing bankroll!

You are going to find in the gaming suite when logged into any online casino several Online Casino Games that are Blackjack games, and this will mean you should do some research to ensure the Blackjack game variant you intend to play has the very lowest house edge and will therefore mean you get the maximum winning opportunities when playing that variant online.

Microgaming Casinos for example have a very low house edge Blackjack game, this is there single player Classic Blackjack game which come, when you play this variant with perfect strategy, with a house edge of just 0.13% and we have not yet found any other online Blackjack game whose house edge is as low as that one so make sure you track down this game and play it soon!

Please do be aware that Microgaming’s multi hand Classic Blackjack game has a higher house edge than the single player game and this is due to there being more decks of cards in the shoe, so forget about playing that multi hand variant and stick to the single hand version instead!

You are not going to be able to play Live Blackjack at Playtech sites or the Classic Blackjack games at Microgaming powered casino sites if you live in the US, but you will be able to play the very large collection of Blackjack games which are available to play at all of our featured and approved RTG Casinos as they allow and happily permit everyone living in the US and all other countries of the world to play their range of games for free or for real money!