With low variance slot machines having been designed to give players much longer slot playing sessions, thanks to the way those types of slot machines spin in lots of lower valued winning pay-outs, allowing players to recycle their bankrolls often many, many times, they are popular slots for sure.

However, conversely there are of course also high variance slot machines which play and pay in a completely different way, for they offer a high-risk type of slot playing experience, and one in which players will not spin in as many lower valued winning combinations.

What a high variance slot will do, is to use the winnings that would have been achieved if they did pay-out lots of smaller valued winning cash prizes and utilize them for the much rarer higher valued base game or bonus game winning pay-outs.

Therefore, you may be wondering whether a low variance slot or a high variance slot machine is going to suit you the best, when you come across both categories of those slots in any venue or site you are playing at or on.

It will of course be your decision to make, as to whether you want a potentially longer slot playing session and one that could see you winning more regularly via base games and bonus rounds, or you would prefer taking a few chances that you could win big on that slot playing session.

I would always urge caution though if you do make the decision to play high variance slots, for if you play them for stake a level that your bankroll is unable to sustain for very long, then your slot playing session may be over in no time as you are very likely to run out of cash very quickly when playing such slots.

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