Slot machines found in all playing environments will always have a level of risk attached and associated with them, and in general there are three different levels of risk that each slot machine could have been designed around.

You have low risk slots known as low variance slots, medium risk slots known as medium variance slots, and then there are the highest risk slots, which as you may have already worked out are known as high variance slots.

If you are the type of slot player that is looking for those rare but always worth winning huge paying winning combinations spinning in or love playing slots that can, every now and then award a mega sized winning pay-out from a bonus game such as a set of free spins, you really do need to play the high variance slots.

However, what you do need to know about any and all high variance slots is that at times they can very quickly eat away as you slot playing bankroll, and often you will not see that many winning spins appearing as you play off each base game spin.

That is the risk attached to playing high variance slots in any playing environment, for their unique design means that players do not get lots of small valued winning pay-outs spinning in as they would do playing low variance slots.

But due to there being not that many smaller valued winning pay-outs being spun in that means that the slot machine can award some truly massive winning pay-outs at any time, and if you do fancy trying them than try and keep the stake levels down low, to ensure you do get a fair number of spins out of your bankroll, and expect many of those spins to be non-paying ones too.

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