A Yankee bet is basically a wager in which you cover several selections and they are permed together in a series of stand alone wagers.

Some of the most popular betting types have been around for years and years and one that has stood the test of time and still has an army of punters placing them is the good old fashioned Yankee bet.bet365 review

To place a Yankee bet you need to pick 4 selections, these selections can be horses, greyhounds or in fact anything but each selection must be from a different horse/greyhound race or match, you cannot pick more than one selection running in a horse race for example.

A Yankee is in fact 11 unique/standalone bets and these bets are as follows: 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and an accumulator. With this type of wager you will have to pick 2 winners for you to guarantee a return, as the smallest wager is the double bet.

You need to multiply your base stake by 11 to arrive at the total cost of the wager. So for example a 10p Yankee will cost you in total £1.10 and a £1 Yankee will cost you £11.

If you manage to pick all four winners then you should get a healthy return as this means all of your 11 bets are winners and then you can sit down and start working out how much you have won!ladbrokes

Unlike bets such as an accumulator where every selection you pick must win to guarantee a return the beauty of a Yankee bet is that you are going to get a return for just two winners, so spend some time researching the form and let us hope you do indeed pick all four winners if you decide a Yankee bet is for you.

Horse Racing Yankee Bets

The most popular type of sporting event to place a Yankee bet on is horse racing, many punters will only place Yankees as when that lucky day comes when they pick all the winners on their bet they can make quite a few bob!

Many Yankee bets are made up of favorites running in several horse races as with favorites winning on average 33% of races picking the winners can sometimes not be as hard as you may think!

You can of course go for the outsiders in a race and with big odds on offer if they do start to win the races then you are guaranteed some very big returns based on the odds they win at!

Bet365 have a fully functional online sportsbook that allows you to place a Yankee wager so why not pop yourself over to their website and find out what they currently have on offer, namely their generous welcome bonus which is available as the names suggests to all new players.

Soccer Yankee Bets

You do not just have to stick to horses or greyhounds many land based and online bookmakers will be more than happy to let you place a Yankee wager on soccer matches, so if you think several teams are due are win this week or cannot lose then get them permed together is a Yankee.

Golf Yankee Bets

Yankee wagers are of course available on Golfing tournaments and with these events being head to head matches then it is not as hard as you may think to select the winners.

Admittedly the odds on offer may not be massive but at the end of the day a win is a win and if they are permed together they can soon add up! Go on give a Yankee bet a try today and let’s hope you make some winning selections.