When the Online Bookmaker joined Playtech and opened the William Hill Casino site for real money play, the base of players that Will Hill already had made it obvious that the online site would be successful for this reason without even worrying about how their ads or promotions would draw.

Having a huge base of gamblers is one huge advantage to sites that open like WillHill. Players are more than able to get enthusiastic about a site that they have been doing business with in another venue.

One feature of William Hill is each major gaming element has its own special bonus program and these should be studied so a player can take advantage of them if the element of the site is what the player is looking to play.

William Hill Casino/

It never hurts to know the rules, promotions and play through rules for any site a player is playing on.

William Hill is giving £150 free to new players as a match deposit to try the site. If this is a positive experience, the next step is to deposit real money and get a matching bonus depending on the size of the first deposit.

The minimum deposit is £35 the matching bonus up to £100 is 150%. If the deposit is £500 the bonus is £350, if it is £1000 the bonus is £500 and if the deposit is £3000 the bonus is £1000.

The play through required on the bonuses is 20 times the bonus. In addition to these bonuses there is a monthly bonus of up to 20% for the first year of play. The second deposit carries a bonus of up to 60% up to £500.

Through out the year, there are other bonuses that a player can earn on certain deposits. Referring a friend that opens a cash account is worth a spiff of £50.

The site offers the site in several languages for the players who are more comfortable in their own language and prefer to play in it rather than English.

Players can also make currency selections for their deposits or withdrawals.

William Hill casino games

William Hill Vegas/The playtech casino play at William Hill includes the standard table games plus slots, video poker, progressive slots, Live games with Live Dealers and casual games like rock, paper and scissor.

The jackpots on some of the slot games are sizable and would be a terrific win for a player.

The regular games include dice, roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat. There are many other games offered in the casino like Let It Ride or 3 Card Poker or Keno.

Players will find that William Hill covers the casino game world like a blanket on a king sized bed.

This site is one of the best in the UK line up of gaming sites as they know how to keep players happy with the site and consistently bring new promotions to the front.

Will Hill Slots

Slot play is a big factor on any casino site. At William Hill there are many progressive games, video poker games and regular slot games.

The slot games come in classic three reel slots and five reel multi-line games. There are a number of the more famous progressive slots on this site for players that are willing to take the chance to hit a big payoff on one spin.

The site runs specials on the slot games and even has competitions using these games at times. Slots are a game that lends itself to site promotions the casino wants to push.

William Hill Casino Support

Customer support is handled by a well trained staff that usually can answer most questions. The support is handled by phone, email and Live Chat. This is another indication that this site is one of those that has their customer\’s well being in mind. Not all sites even care about customer support the way that William Hill values the concept.

A well trained staff is important for a site that wants to make their customers comfortable and have a way to easily answer customers concerns or questions. The support staff can answer simple questions about a game or the limits that are offered or they can answer more complicated questions about play through requirements, deposits and withdrawals.

If the question takes research, the staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

For quick non complicated  questions that are not likely to need research, the Live Chat is perfect for any player.