When you are playing most slot machines these days either online or in land based casinos there will often be what are known as wild symbols on the reels, whilst it doesn\’t take a genius to understand what these symbols are in recent times they have become more and more advanced and now do much more than they originally did, so below you will find our slot guide to wild symbols which will enlighten you to what each different kind of wild symbol does!

Basic Wild Symbol – The lowly little wild symbol has for years been found adorning the reel strips of many a slot and fruit machine, and the basic wild symbol will stand in for all other reel symbols on the slot but not in most cases either the scatter symbols nor the bonus symbols. The idea behind the basic wild symbol is that it can help complete otherwise losing pay line combinations and turn them into winning ones.

Wild Multiplier Symbol – Next to be developed by slot game designers was the wild multiplier symbol, whilst it does exactly what a basic wild symbol does I.E. standing in for the vast majority of other symbols except usually scatters and bonus symbols it comes with a special multiplier value attached to it so when it does indeed help to complete a winning combination the value of that win is boosted by the value of the multiplier, often getting two of them in a winning combination will result in the multiplier values being added together to further enhance winning payout amounts.

Random Wild Symbol – The random multiplier is another fairly recent addition to slot machines and this sort of wild symbol has a multiplier attached to it however you never discover how much the multiplier value is worth until the slot game has completed the spin, these multiplier values can be any amount and x25 multiplier values are not unheard of!

Expanding Wild Symbol – An expanding wild is a basic wild symbols however when it lands on any reel position they can expand and by doing just that they then get to cover all of the reel positions on the reel they landed on and thus enable more than one payline combination to be turned into winning ones, get them on multiple lines and some huge payouts can be achieved.

Stacked Wild Symbol – A stacked wild is simply a set of wild symbols which have been placed one on top of another on the reel strips, and it is possible when they spin in in a certain way that they also cover every position in view on any one reel, much like the expanding wild it is sometimes [possible to get them covering all the pay line positions on more than one reel.

Trailing Wild Symbol – A Trailing wild symbol is quite like a shooting star you will see in the sky at night, these leave a small trail behind them as they spin around the reels and will then leave the symbols above or below them on the reels and magically turn them into wild symbols.

Floating Wild Symbol – A floating wild symbol will be seen bouncing around the screen as you play the slot machine, they will bounce from reel position to reel position until they finally come to rest on to of another symbol, and when they finally land that reel symbols turns into a completely wild one so as to help boost you winning chances.

Where To Play Slots With Wild Symbols

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