I just know that all slot players are going to be tempted to play progressive slot games at one time or another, and there is one main reason as to why those slots will be very hard to resist playing, and that is of course there are some huge jackpots to be won when playing them.

However, you are probably just as likely to win the lottery or get struck by lightning than you are of winning a mega sized and life changing progressive slot jackpot, so always keep that fact in mind, but there are loads of different types of progressive slots available these days.

The slots on which you could be turned into an instant millionaires or multi-millionaire if you hit the jackpot when playing them, are often slots that will require you to put into live play maximum bet spins or play every single pay-line on offer, so those types of progressives can be and are expensive slots to play for long playing sessions.

The random progressive slots on the other hand usually come with small, medium and large progressive jackpots on offer, and as such with more than one jackpot on those types of slots, you have a much greater chance of winning when playing them.

Another advantage of playing those types of slots is that you can often play them for any stake and still have a fair chance of winning one of the progressive jackpots, due to the random nature regarding the way the jackpots are awarded to players.

Some slots machines with have progressive jackpots that are guaranteed to be won when they reach a certain value, and I have even seen some slot online that when the jackpot is won all players playing in the last 24 hours that have wagered a certain amount playing that slot get a small percentage of the winners jackpot.

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