If you have been playing slot machines for any amount of time, then you may have forgotten just how overwhelming your first ever slot playing session was, and these days with hundreds of different slot machines often on offer to players in all playing environment, first time slot players may just get overwhelmed by the range of slots on offer to them wherever they are playing.

As such what I will now do is to give you an insight into the main types of slot game categories, in an attempt to help any first time slot players out there make a well balanced decision as to just which slot machines may suit them the best.

If you want to keep things nice and simple on your very first few slot playing sessions, then you will not go far wrong playing classic slot machines or 3 reel slot machines, for those slots have a very basic playing format and structure and one you will soon get the hang playing them.

However, most slot players are going to want to be entertained and excited when they are playing slot machines and as such if that is the type of slot playing experience you are seeking, then consider playing the bonus game awarding video slots.

Those types of slot machines will offer you a large range of staking options, and often the video slot you can play will also give you the choice of activating as many pay-lines as you want to have in play on each spin you play off.

But, every now and then when playing such a slot you will be awarded with a bonus game or a bonus feature, and they could see you winning much more than you ever could on a base game spin, so they do tend to be the most fun to play and exciting of slots.

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