I do get asked a lot which are the best slots to play for low stakes, and if you are new to the world of slot playing then you need to be aware that the lowest coin values on offer on most slot machines are pennies, and as such those slots are often known as penny slots.

However, even though you can set the coin values to just one penny, you will need to activate a coin on each pay-line you send into play, which means for example a 20 pay line slot will cost you 0.20 to play with all of the pay-lines activated.

Also, some slot machines will also let players increase the number of coins they play per pay-line per spin, so if you do for example play a 20 pay-line slot, and play 10 coins per line that penny slot then becomes a much higher stake slot requiring you to play for 2.00 per spin on those coin value and stake settings.

When it comes to working out just which penny slot machines are the very best ones to play in any playing environment, look for those that have pay-out percentages much higher than the standard RTP of 96.00%, for the higher the RTP the more winning pay-outs you will receive over the long term based on the stake you are playing for.

There are also plenty of slot machines on which players can win one or more randomly awarded progressive jackpots, and they can add another level of excitement to any online or mobile slot playing experience.

But look out for those slot machines that offer randomly awarded progressive jackpots to any player at any moment and also the ones that do not require you to have to play for a certain stake level to win the jackpots either, for that way you could and up winning a very sizeable amount of cash even when staking just pennies per spin.

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