It will be down to your own personal preferences, as to just which slot machines and slot games you may enjoy playing, if you can afford to stake some above average stake amounts, but you should also factor in several different aspects when picking out just which high rolling slots to play.

Take for example high variance slots, now those slot machines which can be in any category of slot come with the most risks attached, for there is a chance of you winning some mind blowing jackpots when playing such slots but they will be few and far between.

Low variance slots however are possibly going to be the ones that most high rolling slot players will find much more appealing slots to play, for they are going to be slot which do tend to award you with lots of lower valued winning pay-outs.

As such you will often find that when playing any type of low variance slot, such as a classic or 3 reel slot or even a video slot, you will get some much longer slot playing sessions, and the frequency at which lower valued winning pay-outs will be spun in will allow you to recycle your bankroll over and over again.

High stake slot players will also find that they will earn many more comps points when playing than any other slot player will, and therefore it is important to pick out a casino site or venue that has a generous comp or players club in place.

That way you are always going to be very well looked after by way of comps and ongoing slot playing related promotional offers and deals, which your high-stake slot playing gaming action so rightly deserves.

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