For a casino that has been around in Las Vegas for many years, in fact it originally opened way back in 1957, the Tropicana Casino is certainly not showing its age, for a great deal of time, money and effort has been put into that property and its gaming floor to ensure slot players and other gamblers will always enjoy visiting.

What does make the Tropicana Casinos gaming floor much different to most other casino gaming floors in Las Vegas is that it is very bright and airy, and as such unlike many other nearby casinos its gaming floor is not dimly lit.

The casino is owned and operated by Penn National Gaming, and as such they do have very deep pockets which enables them to keep on top of the casinos d├ęcor, and they are always updating their slot machines, so you are going to find  very good mix of older styled yet very popular slots and all of the very latest brand-new slot machines too.

You are however going to have to make something of a concerted effort to get to the Tropicana Casino due to its location on the Strip, and the last few times I have visited that casino one of the sidewalk elevators have always been out of operation, meaning a slight detour to get to the casino is required.

That casino does of course have its own casino comp club, and you should make a point of signing up for your own players card when visiting, as that way you are going to be earn points when playing, and will also be sent out all manner of ongoing promotional offers via snail mail.

Thanks to the fresh clean look and feel of the gaming floor at the Tropicana Casino it is one that I always do enjoy playing in, and unlike many other close by casinos, it is not overly busy, so you will not be battling through crowds of fellow slot players when wandering around its gaming floor.

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