The most commonly available slot machines that you are likely to come across the world over are of course casino slots, and they can take many different forms, such as three-reel classic slots or bonus game awarding video slots for example.

However, over in the UK there is another type of slot machine known as an AWP which stands for Amusement with Prizes, and those gaming machines are very low stake machines but ones that have been designed in a special way that ensures that players get much more entertainment value out of playing them.

The most standard AWP’s which are also known as fruit machines, are designed as three reel slots on which there is just one single pay-line however you could come across fruit machines and AWP’s that have more reels and more pay-lines.

What will happen for sure when you do set about playing AWP’s is that a very large number of bonus games and built in bonus features will be on offer on the ones you choose to play and they will tend to trigger very frequently too.

Some commonly found bonus games and bonus features include a hold feature on which players can hold any reels and lock them in place for the next spin, and nudges allow players to move reels upwards and/or downwards to help the nudge in winning combinations form time to time.

The only downside about fruit machines however, is that they can legally be set to return some very, very low long term expected pay-out percentages, so when you do fancy playing them you will be best advised to only play those with the highest possible pay-out percentages, or you bankroll may not last very long!

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