You really are going to be very impressed with the diversity of the slot machines on offer when you sign up to and play at casinos that utilize the Microgaming supplied range of slot machines.

One casino site that has always been at the top of most slot players lists of casinos they are happy to play at is Zodiac Casino.

With an instant play, fully downloadable and mobile gaming platform, players do have the best of all worlds and can always play slot games in a way that suits them the best.

With hundreds of all singing and all dancing high tech video slots on offer at that casino site, you are bound to find plenty of them that you will enjoy playing too.

However, it is the fully branded slot machines that do tend to get the most attention from players.

The reason why slot players are going to be very eager to play fully branded slot machines, is that companies such as Microgaming have had to pay licensing fees to develop those slots.

That in turn means that they do tend to ensure those slot games are going to be jam packed full of features and bonus games to make them as appealing to players as possible.

One such slot machine that has become a rock-solid favourite with players is the Village People slot which was launched back in 2019.

Village People Slot Game

It was thanks to a licensing deal signed by Microgaming with ITV Studios Global Entertainment that allowed them and their slot game designers to set forth and start building the Village People slot.

That licensing agreement allowed Microgaming to use several of the songs that made the Village People famous on that slot machine.

As such if you decide to give it a whirl you are going to hear some of those iconic songs of the 1970’s being played out as you play.

Those songs do of course include Macho Man, Go West and Y.M.C.A, so do make sure you have the audio settings activated and the volume of your speakers turned up when playing it.

The members of the Village People are also featured as reel symbols on the slot game too, so you will see the Cowboy, the Construction Worker, and of course the Biker spinning around the reels as symbols.

The game does of course come with bonus games and bonus features, and the pay table is where you are going to find full details of how they are trigger and awarded to players.

Another reason why that slot may be one you will enjoy playing is that it has been built around a long term expected payout percentage of 96%, so players should get plenty of winning spins when playing it.

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