Video poker is a very important segment of the slot games that are played in both live casinos and online at casino sites. There are a number of versions of video poker that a player can choose between and each offers a special touch from this game group that is called video poker.

The number of different video poker games is over fifty and still counting. Casino sites on the Internet are constantly trying out new versions of older video poker games.

video poker

The fad that seems to be catching the players attention at the moment is the multi-coin progressive jackpot games that are from the video poker genre. These games are attracting attention due to the sizeable Zodiac Casino jackpots that a player can win if their luck is in force.

History of Video Poker

The first games that showed up in the 1970s were simple games that were more like a single hand of poker. As the slot technology got more advanced, games could become more complicated and have more features that the player could change at will.

The coin value could be selected and the number of coins played per spin could be picked from a chart. The value and the number of coins played changed the amount each poker hand was worth to the player if that hand was the outcome of the draw spin.

About Video Poker Draws

The players of video poker are somewhat different than the usual slot player in that the video poker player has to make many decisions during the playing sessions at a video poker game. They must decide the coin value and the number of coins that will be played per spin.

After the fist spin, the player must decide which cards to keep and which ones to throw away. This decision is based on the possible value and likelihood that a certain poker hand can be made with the draw.

This is where the obvious skill level of the game can make a game changing result when the right cards are kept. The cards to be drawn to and hopefully helped will determine the result and the value of the hands payoff if there is any payoff.

One rule that many players of video poker follow is the idea of drawing to the higher value hand when given a choice of draws. The reason is perfectly clear to these players. The better value hand pays more and over time this higher payout will make the difference in the long run during a session.

The bigger payouts will offset the number of misses the higher value draws may come too. Hands that do not come to fruition will be offset by the times the hands get made by the draw. Much bigger hand values are enough to make up for many missed draws.

An example would be losing $1.25 on fifty draws and then hitting a draw that paid out $250. This offset can be easily hit during any session of video poker. Playing hunches or feelings are part of any gaming scene and this is true in spades in video poker.

If a player is one of these players that have a finely tuned hunch or feeling consciousness then they should use it more often than the player who rarely has a winning hunch. If is a fact that some players are better attuned to this element of gaming. Many great poker players have this facility to a remarkable degree.

Players seem to come to video poker for several reasons that make a great deal of sense. The games are fun to play and are interesting since a player has to actively participate to play the game correctly.

Knowing what to keep from a dealt hand before the draw can be learned by reading or by the much harder way of by many hours of playing.

The smarter player will try to learn the inexpensive way by reading first and not by just playing experience. However living with the results by playing also puts the basic rules in cement and assures the player that they work over playing time.

Wild Deuces Video Poker Game

Video poker games with wild cards are far different than games without them. Bonus Deuces is a video poker game that can become very addictive as the bigger hands are hit more often with the help of the wild deuces. Hands that have two deuces or more in them from the initial deal have a very positive outcome after many draws.

Two deuces in the initial deal are a good place to start. Drawing to two deuces has many possibilities that make this draw one that players should consider as a winning position.

It is possible to make so many hands that pay bigger payoffs if the luck is with you and the worse that can happen is the draw will give three of a kind. The player is really lucky if they draw to two deuces and catch two more in the draw.

This hand is a big payout hand. It can happen to any player if their luck is running.

Big Pair or Small Pairs
Other hands that are automatic draws in this specific game are hands that give a choice between drawing to two 3s, 4s or 5s and a big pair. The small pairs are the better draw as four or five of these small cards pays the same or better than a hit on the big pair. This illustrated that a player should know the payoff values of hands and which draws should be given preference. Once these rules are learned the game becomes automatic in its pay by the knowledgeable player.

Other automatic draws are four cards to a Royal or four cards to a flush. Draws to two pairs do not seem to work out that well so pick a pair and draw. Playing video poker is not smart when played for less than the maximum coins. The coin value can be set at the level the player is comfortable with, but do not play less than the maximum coins that can be bet.

Playing rushes and losing streaks are part of any gaming situation. The way to play the losing streak is to lower coin value and just the opposite when playing a rush. However do not cut back from maximum coins bet.

The payoffs are all based on max coins bet. The player who is aware of hand trends and can stay with a major card trend has a unique advantage when playing any card game. Video poker is no exception to this odd ability.

Video Poker Game
Who plays this game and why do they play it. Any one who understands poker is a natural player of this game. Players who are not poker players have to learn two sets of knowledge basis at the same time. First they have to learn about poker hands and then they have to learn when to draw for certain hands and when the odds are to high to try.

Players who are adept at learning a game very quickly will get on to this game without much of a learning curve delay. Knowing about poker is a great advantage for the new player to these games of video poker.

This eliminates part of what needs to be learned and the player can rapidly move to what cards need to be kept from the fist dealing of the hand being played. Learning the nuances of the game comes with further playing time and most players will improve quickly as they log in more playing time.

The who plays the game is easily answered; anyone that likes to gamble on a game of skill will be attracted to video poker.

Sex or age will have little to do with the person selecting this game for their gaming pleasure. Players of video poker like to play for nice prizes and are willing to take the time to learn the skill to be a good player.

The other secret as to why players have taken to this game is the fact that there are many varieties to the basic game and now there are even games with progressive jackpots that reward large jackpots when they are not hit for a period of time.

The games stay interesting and challenging to players, which accounts for the long sessions video poker players will log while playing any version of the game.

The ability to switch games and play a different version of the game also makes the whole set of games more popular with avid video poker players.

One of the reasons that casinos, bingo sites and even poker sites have a collection of these game available for their players is they are extremely popular and make a good diversion for players on these other gaming sites.

Online casinos carry most of the games for play so that their players can have a huge choice between these popular games.

Video Poker Games related to online slots

Slot players are avid about playing slots. Video poker players are fanatical about many of the versions of this set of slot games. The old timers are still among the favorites, however the wild card games seem to have taken the lead in this every growing set of video poker games.

With the addition of progressive jackpot games this slot arena has grown by leaps and bounds due to the availability of big jackpots.

Players like to go after the money and these jackpot games are like honey to a bee. Players will stay and play for hours on these games while trying to capture lightening in a bottle. Along the way they also have the chance to capture some minor prizes from some bigger poker hands.

The casinos have for a long time owed a great deal to slot players and video poker players are just as crazy about their game. This opens the door for more play at casinos and at online casinos.

Old Jacks or Better really started a fantastic trend when players started playing this now gray haired version of video poker. The newer games have extended the popularity of the game as the wild card games are more fun to play and easier to score big hands on during a playing session.

Bonus Deuces has become a very popular game to gamble on and players seem to flock to the versions in live casinos. There is no doubt about the game being fun to play as well as very lucrative at times.

Casinos are always on the lookout for a new game that creates a stir among their players. Video poker certainly met those criteria since its coming out party in the 1970s. You can also read more jacks or better tips and jacks or better strategy before you play for real money.

Now days with the game featured on many sites as a first choice in the slot games along side of progressives, this is testament to the game being accepted by more and more players as their game of choice or al least one of them. The progressive versions will only increase this fan base and help it grow in the future.

Video Poker is popular for casino gambling

Acceptance and fun are the current hallmarks for video poker. Every time a new version of the game is unveiled, the players flock to it to see what it is all about. The old time early versions continue to get their share of play and only the wild card games and the progressives seem to be gathering more players at the present time.

If the slot creators can come up with a version that is more fun to play and gives the player more skill elements; then this new version may begin to get the play of a more than willing group of gambling fanatics for this game. The fan base is set and a new better game would only increase the player count in this group of players.

The casino owners are praying for such a game and the players while content with what they currently have, are not adverse to a newer better version.

A new player should take the time and learn this game, as it is one of the better games to play at most casinos.