Video Poker Mobile Game

Video Poker has a large following of players who regularly play it either via online casinos or in land based casinos however that to Lady Lucks Casino you can now give it a try via a brand new mobile casino and this new game is a real winner!

Here in the UK Video Poker is not a hugely popular game, far from it, however due to the fact that these types of games have and extremely low house edge which means players get tremendous value out of playing in.

Play Video Poker on your Handy

If you have never played a Video Poker game before then allow us to explain how the game works and once you discover how easy it is to play you will probably be wanting to give it a try!

The idea of the game is to end up with one of the poker hands which are displayed on the paytable, these pay tables will vary from Video Poker game to Video Poker game depending on the variant you are play.

Once you choose your stake level and hit the deal button the computer deals you out five face up cards which you need to study and then choose whether to discard any of the cards or keep them in place by holding them,, by holding them you are hoping the cards thrown away will be replaced with ones which help you complete a good hand, once the discards have been replaced you will receive a payout should your hand be one of those listed on the pay table.


Video Poker Playing Tips

Make sure you set a stake level that will give you a decent amount of hands when playing Video Poker, as it is a quick game if you play at stake levels which are too high you will run the risk of busting out in a short period of time, so keep your stakes modest to ensure plenty of hands can be played with it.

If you are looking for the best casino games to play which offer the lowest house edge which in effect means you will be getting a fair chance of a winning session then stick to Video Poker as opposed to higher house edge games such a slot machines.


Play The Video Poker Game

Simply load the game onto your mobile device or mobile phone, choose a stake level and then click deal should you wish to keep any of the cards dealt in your initial hand then click on the hold buttons, once you are happy with your hand click deal again and the discards will be thrown away and new cards will replace them.

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