It is always going to be an ongoing battle for all slot players, that being trying to hunt down the slot machines that are going to pay-out, and hopefully pay-out big. However, that is an artform that popular YouTuber Vegas Low Roller does seem to have mastered, well some of the time that is.

He loads lots of new slot play videos up to his Vegas Low Roller YouTube Channel regularly, and I have always found them to be fun to watch, and sometimes he wins and sometimes he loses, but he always takes the rough with the smooth in his own unique way.

One slot machine developer that has got the maths right on their slot machines, is Konami, and by that I mean that players do seem to trigger the bonus games and bonus features on their range of video slots regularly, and they are slot machines that can and do pay-out well, when they are in the mood to of course.

Fixed pay-line and All Pays types of playing structures are going to be found on most Konami slot machines, and as such you are going to find that many of them will force you to have to play for a certain coin increment.

However, they are certainly popular with penny slot players, for with some luck in playing off any slot playing session, there is always a fair chance of a high paying base game spin, or much more likely a high paying bonus game being triggered.

What I do personally enjoy about many Konami slots however is that their respective free games bonus rounds come with built in features too, which can and often do trigger plenty of times as the free games bonus rounds are being played off.

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