If you have never visited or played slot machines in places such as the U.S. then the concept of being given free money to play slot machines, simply for walking into a land based casino may be a completely alien concept, but one you want to know more about.

It is thanks of Players Cards and Comp Clubs that many slot players in America are going to be offered what is known as free play when they enter a casino, for the cards issued by a casino when you join their comp club, and which you into a slot machine will give the casino an idea of the games you play and just how much you play them too.

Being a regular visitor to many land based casinos in Las Vegas, the Youtuber Vegas Low Roller is well versed at all matters relating to free slot play, and in the video below you will see him making good use of his awarded free play credits at one of his usual Vegas casino haunts.

Most slot players will have their own unique strategies that they will adopt when playing off any amount of free slot play, some players may just find one slot and utilize the free credits on their chosen slot, and will often play max bet credits as they do so.

However, some other players will allocate an equal percentage of their free slot play and will then set about playing range of different slots, in the hope they will at least find one hot slot and achieve a decent sized winning pay-out.

There are also plenty of other benefits that will be bestowed upon you when you join any casinos Players Club, so make sure that you always sign up to them and use your players card to ensure you get the maximum rewards from your slot playing action and activities.

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