One casino that has had a lot of name changes over the years is of course The Linq, whilst not the type of casino you will make a beeline to play at, it is one that many people do wander into when they are walking up and down the Las Vegas Strip.

It originally opened in 1959 and was known as the Flamingo Capri Motel, then some twenty years later it became the Imperial Palace, and was briefly known as The Quad from 2012 until 2014, and then it became The Link, and it is owned and operated by Caesars Entertainment    .

In fact, Caesars Entertainment who became part of the Eldorado group not too long ago have recently spent a small fortune giving The Linq a major overhaul, and what they are aiming to attract to that property is a much younger generation of gambler, which may be what you are.

They are offering customers unique sections of their gaming floor, which does of course include gaming tables, slot machines and a sportsbook, however they are also now offering all manner of video games and AI type games too.

If you are a slot player then it will be the Caesars Entertainment comp club scheme that you will be making use of if you do get and use one of their players club cards, and whilst the comps are nothing to shout about you will at least get something in return for your slot playing action.

The slot machines they do have dotted around their gaming floor have also been updated recently, and constantly are update too, so there is no doubt in my mind you should find more than enough slots to try your luck  on if you do decide to pay a visit  to The Linq, but whether you will stay there for that long without choosing to move on and trying your luck at another casino does remain to be seen.

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