Experience may have taught you that Asia themed slot machines can be quite volatile in their design, and as such you often need to have a very large bankroll to set about playing them.

However, if you are one of this websites low rolling slot players that does enjoy playing such slots that do not come with a huge number of fixed pay-lines, which often forces you to have to play them for bigger stakes than you may be comfortable with, then allow me to introduce you to a brand new slot.

That slot is the Long Mu Fortunes slot game that has recently been launched across Microgaming multiple different gaming platforms, and it is a slot that has just 10 pay-lines spread over its five reels, so you can of course play it for some relatively low stake, if that is what you are looking to do.

I should point out, that the Long Mu Fortunes slot is not a Microgaming designed slot, but one of the many new slots from Fortune Factory Studios that can only be found at Microgaming software powered online and mobile casino sites.

Amazing Graphics and Stunning Sounds

There is quite a lot to tell you about this new slot game, however first please do sit back and watch the following video presentation, which will introduce you to this very colourful looking slot, which I am sure will appeal to you.

As you can see, it is a slot that has been designed with some befitting and amazing graphics and it is also one that does have its own unique set of sound effects too, which makes it something of an enveloping slot game too.

Just 10 Paylines But Plenty of Features Offered

Now I know that some of you out there will be under the impression that slots offering just 10 pay-lines which is what the Long Mu Fortunes slot game does offer players, may not be the most exciting slots to play, but there is quite a lot to like about the unique design of that slot.

Take for example the Red Dragon reel symbols, those symbols are stacked three high on he reels, and when one symbol has been spun in for example it can nudge downwards and therefore put into play additional wild symbols.

You will have the chance of winning one of two very high valued jackpots too when playing this new slot, the value of which can be seen at the top of the screen, each stacked set of wild symbols that spins in will fil an onscreen bowl with coins, and when the lid slams shut on that bowl you then trigger a picking game on which one of those two jackpots can be awarded dot you.

Those stacked wild symbols can also lock into position on the entire reel and award a re-spin, and wild multiplier symbols can then be spun in via that re-spin, which is how the slot has been designed to be a high variance one, as those wild multipliers can help form some mega valued winning combinations.