Love him or hate him, Donald Trump certainly does have the best interests of America at heart, and it was this day back in 2018 that he hit China with $60 billion worth of tariffs on a range of imports they send to the U.S.

He has also been busy renegotiating all kinds of trade deals with other countries of the world, and has been getting some excellent ones put in place too.

If you are a fan of not only Donald Trump, but also some other world leaders such as Putin of Russia or even Kim Jong Un of North Korea, then you may be interested in playing a fairly recently launched brand new online slot game that goes by the name of Trump It.

The Trump It slot has been designed and developed by a company called Fugaso who are famed for their video slots that can be played online via instant play gaming platforms, and it is also a slot that avid slot players looking for some decent paybacks will certainly enjoy playing.

It has been designed with a long term expected RTP of 95.94% and with the standard five video reels on which there are 15 pay-lines, if may be a slot you will enjoy playing, but much more so when you discover what else it does have to offer you.

The coin values are adjustable by players, and they can play from one to ten coins per line per spin, so the maximum number of coins that can be wagered per base game spin played off is 150 of them.

This slot does tend to award a lot of free spins, and it will be by spinning in the character symbols that those free spins are awarded, for example just two Putin symbols needing to be spun in to award a set of free spins. The wild symbols are also wild multipliers so they will double any winning combinations that they have helped to form.

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