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    If you have ever been to a land based casino in the hope of getting down to some Roulette action then half of the battle can be finding a spare position on one of the roulette tables, and then when you do another battle can often ensue whereby you have to fight to place your chips onto the table as other players do exactly the same thing, with arms all over the place and people bumping into one another this can often take away the fun of the game and this has led more and more players to move their one time exclusive roulette play over to the online gaming environment.

    However when faced with playing at a software driven online casino this tends to make some player a little uncomfortable in as much as they cannot be 100% convinced that they are getting a fair game, and as you are in fact playing against a piece of software then anything could be possible, however to ensure we only promote and present to you trusted online casinos where their roulette games provided by such software driven software we only introduce to you sites which are fully licensed and regulated and as such you will know whenever you choose to play their roulette games and fair and honest.

    However there is now a new way to play online and this lets you be completely confident that the roulette game you are playing is beyond reproach and this way of playing is by sitting down at a live casino site. These live casinos are a sight to behold as not only are they based in bricks and mortar land based licensed venues but as they have cameras fixed onto the roulette tables you can see all of the action at any moment, and by placing a wager remotely from home or where ever you computer and you is located you can bet and then watch the games infold.

    This live roulette has really taken the web by storm and more and more people each day are moving both their once land based action as well as their software driven casino action into this new roulette playing environment and it has taken off in a massive way.

    Should you want to see such a live roulette game in action and in you are in the UK then simply turn on your television in the evenings and switch over to Channel 5 as all through the night you can see the best live casino that is Guts Casino in play, they also broadcast on their own unique channel on Sky so you can watch them at all times of the day in this channel to. Plus you can always play their live roulette games via your computer and keep track of everything via their live video stream.

    Live Online Roulette
    To play live roulette you first need to visit the website of Super Casino and once you have landed their simply click on the register button, this is a quick and simply process and all you need to do is to fill in your own details and then an account number and password will be allocated to yourself, this will allow you to log into their live casino whenever you choose to.

    Once you log in you will then find an array of different ways to fund your account, you can of course play completely free of charge, however playing for real money will enable you to claim some juicy cash bonuses, details of which are listed on their website. Once you account has been loaded up with cash then the best bit is available to you and that is of course choosing one of their many live casinos games to play on.

    Find one you like the look of and then give it a click and then that game will load up on your computers screen, and you will then start to stream the live video feed of the roulette table, you will clearly see the croupier going about her business and should you so wish you can interact with her and any other players sat playing at home via the chat room.

    You place your casino chips onto the roulette table by simply pointing your mouse on the betting layout where you want these chips to be placed and then clicking them into position, once you have placed your wagers and the croupier has indicated no more bets then she will set the ball in motion and the camera will zoom onto the wheel so you can watch in real time and in crystal clear clarity the ball spinning around this wheel then coming to land on one of the numbers.

    Once the winning number has been announced all losing chips are removed and all winning players are paid out with your winnings being instantly credited to your casino account. It really is that easy to join in the fun and games of live Roulette so why not join in the fun today and do not forget that welcome bonus offer details of which can be found on their website.

    If you are lucky enough to have some winning spins then you can of course cash out your winnings at any time, to do this you simply need to visit the cashiers pages and request the amount of money you would like to cash out and how you would like to receive these winnings, your cash out will then be speedily processed and your winnings will be sent back to you in the fastest possible time frame.

    Make sure that the details you registered are indeed correct as from time to time the Golden Tiger Casino team may need you to verify your details by sending them some for of ID, if they require this it will be a one off requirement solely for the purposes of ensuring you are who you say you are and that you are the legal age required to gamble. once the ID verification process has been completed you will benefit from higher deposit and withdrawal amounts and much quicker cash out times.

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