Nicholas II had something of a rough time of it during his lifetime, and a few major events that did happen to him during life was his marriage to his wife Alexandra in 1894, his forced abdication on this day the 15th of March 1917 and sadly his assassination just over a year later in 1918!

He was of course the last Russian Tsar and how times have now changed in Russia, and as part of my series of slots of the day guides one slot I do feel that fits the bill today and one that you may enjoy playing online is the Days of the Tsar slot.

The Days of the Tsar slot is one of the much older five video reel slots from Microgaming, and being such it does offer players a range of different staking options and pay-lines, rather than being a fixed pay-line slot which many of their slot games these days tend to be!

With 25 lines on offer and with players being able to play around with the coin value settings, the pay-lines and the number of coins they have in play per line, there will always be a staking option that will suit you and your bankroll.

There is a substantial jackpot that can be won, which is going to award, when five of the wild symbols have lined up on any activated pay-line a jackpot worth 10,000 coins per spin per line wagered.

Spinning in three or more Faberge Egg scatter symbols will activate the bonus free spins feature round and each scatter symbol spun in that triggers the feature will display a number of free spins, all of which are added together to determine just how many free spins players will then play off, each additional scatter symbol spinning in during the bonus games awards one more free spin too.

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