Ok, if you play Texas Holdem and painless, take a look at the next hand and find a small pair average. Great! Or is it? To force their pocket pairs are?

Consider a starting hand with a pair of eights. Most people get these cards reaction would be quite happy pocket with excitement. But if you look logically individual emotional one eye, which is not really a hand so good after all.

Statistically, all winning hands in Texas Hold’em poker, a pair or better wins about 55% of the time. A high card wins about 45% of the time. A pair of eights, without giving them an improved set on the flop, turn or river can not beat a high card or a lower pair. Go to the lower pair, the worse it gets.

The disadvantages of holding a pair of eights is the only card that can improve your hand, is an eight, while his opponent two cards in the final connection possible for the board to them and may have to take the initiative eight. It is also possible that one way to flush or straight draw and pair it with your help, it does not, unless you’re lucky.

So what is the best way to play pocket pairs?

Play Pairs – strategies

There are two different strategies you can use with support for low pocket pair. The first is to raise the pot and try to get the most out of your opponent’s hand. The less competition you have to go to the flop and get rid of the best if possible all opponents, but the better chance you have of winning the hand and take the pot.

Usually, this only works in the last position. If you raise in early position raised, and obtain or get two or three callers, which could be ready in plenty of effort and average torque is unlikely to come first.

The second strategy is probably the best way to play the medium and small pairs. What is done is to try to limp around and hope for a set (a triple) on the flop.

Hitting three eight is a very strong hand and offers the possibility of a slow game, if circumstances are favorable, ie when the boat was lifted by a third party. The great thing about this hand is that they are hidden, their opponents are not likely to be based on the triplets and even a possibility, a couple at the table, which hit a nearly full house.

The moral of this story is, be careful with your company’s pocket pairs small and medium enterprises. Remember, the smaller of the two has the opportunity to maintain and win the hand and remember always ready if your partner doubles.