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Minimum Legal Age to Gamble

This website is one that is of course a slot machine news and information site and does of course showcase lots of different slot machines, and the sites, apps and venues at which they can all be played too, and as such you do need to be at the very least the minimum age to gamble in whichever country of the world you are visiting this website from.

Any casino sites, venues or apps that we also mention, link to or showcase throughout this site is also going to have some minimum legal age to gamble requirements and/or restrictions in place in their venues, sites and apps too, so keep that in mind when visiting any of their websites or when visiting their respective land based venues.

Correcting Errors and/or Omissions

Our team of writers do take great care when compiling their guides, reviews and articles that are to be found throughout this website, however being human occasionally they could make an error or omission in their work.

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Bonuses and Promotional Offers

Be especially aware that any promotional offers, deals and bonuses are always going to be subject to change at any time, and you will need to ensure that before claiming any of them that you check with the respective site or app offering them to ensure that they are still available.

As all such offers, bonuses and promotional deals will also come with their own set of terms and conditions you should make a point of reading them through in full to determine whether they are going to be worth your time and effort claiming and how to use such offers too.

Third Party Websites

One thing that you will certainly notice when looking around this website is that there are quite a number of third party websites that we may mentioned, list or may even link to.

Those websites are not however owned or operated by us and as such we cannot be held responsible for any content, images or any of the services they may have to offer you, they are listed for information purposes only.

If you intend to play slot games online or on a mobile device then you should always make a point of only ever signing up to sites and/or apps that hold a full and valid gambling license and one that has been issued by your own home country of residence.


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