Sweet Tricks Mobile Slot Game

If you are currently on a diet then perhaps it may be best to avoid playing the Sweet Tricks mobile casino slot game as it features a collection of sweets and treats on its pay lines as reel symbols and that may give you sweet cravings!

Sweet Treats Video Slot

However if you can resist the cravings then the place to play this colourful and must play bonus feature slot machine is over at one of the best mobile casino sites around and that venue is of course Lady Lucks Casino .

There is a lot to tell you about the Sweet Treats slot machine and the first thing we should point out that this is a multiple payline slot and you can play from one of these pay lines up to the maximum of twenty five on each spin you make.

You will not need bucketfuls of cash to play it however as the minimum stake level required to set the game in motion is a very modest 10p. The maximum stake however for all you high rolling players is a not so huge 1.00!

The best part of playing this slot machine however is that you can win yourself the progressive jackpot simply by playing it for real money, there is a live progressive meter on the screen and this will alert you to the current potential jackpot that you can win.

Sweet Treats Playing Tips

Whilst the progressive jackpot is always available to be won it is best not to get too intent on winning it, the jackpot will payout eventually but you should never become obsessed with winning it at the risk of playing this slot too much, if you do get a decent sized win it is always best to cash the winning out and not play it back!

The game will literally play itself so do not be nervous about giving it a try, the bonus round which can be triggered is a simple one and that means you won;t have to become a brain surgeon to understand how it works and operates!


Play Sweet Treats Slot

Anyone can play the Sweet Treats slot machine as lone as they are over 18 years of age and as long as you have a mobile phone or in fact any form of mobile device you can get it loaded up on it and be playing in seconds.

There are several ways in which you can fund your Lady Lucks Casino account with one of the most popular methods being charging your small deposits directly to your mobile phone bill, in just a couple of clicks you will be playing and maybe winning for real!.