I\’m sure if you are from the UK and were around back in the 1980’s you would have at one time or another visited an amusement arcade or pub and if so then it would be an odds-on bet that some of the fruit machines that you would have played back then in those types of venues were designed by Barcrest.

One machine that was popular with players way back then was the Super Adders and Ladders machine, which was an updated version of the original Adders and Ladders fruity which offered players a 10p stake and £3 token jackpot, rather than the £2 token jackpot on the original version of that machine.

In fact, changes in the gabling laws around the time of the fruity being launched mean that players playing AWP’s as fruit machines were also known could win up to £1.50 in cash, but all pay-outs over and above that amount from a single spin were paid in tokens.

The machine came with the now standard Barcrest Auto Hold and Auto Nudges features, but what made this machine popular with players was the bonus board located to the left of the reels, as that bonus board offered players a range of cash and token prizes or nudges could be awarded on it.

What players would have to see happening when playing off a spin for that bonus board to spring to life was for numbers to be spun in, which had been superimposed over some of the reel symbols.

That bonus board was in effect based around the game of Snakes and Ladders and as such players would move up the board when numbers were spun in, but could also move to a much higher position on the board when they landed at the foot of a ladder, but could conversely fall down to a lower position when they landed on a snakes head position on that board.

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