If there is one WMS designed slot machine that has driven me mad over the years it is their Spartacus slot game, for as hard as I may have tried I have never had what you could call a decent sized winning pay-out when playing that slot.

In fact, when you set about playing it in a land based casino as opposed to play it online or via a mobile device, many casinos have configured the slot in such a way that that you can click onto a “Stats” button, which will give you some information on the history of that slots game play.

I would encourage you to click on that button if you do fancy learning more about that slot in the location you are playing it ion, as it will reveal details such as the all-time record winning pay-outs achieved, when the last bonus game was triggered and also how much previous bonus games paid out.

What often does surprise me about the Spartacus Gladiator of Rome slot machine, to give it its full name is that the pay-outs never seem high in value, which is something of a surprise due to the high variance nature of that slot.

The way in which the free spins bonus game can be triggered on that slot is by simply spinning in at the very least three of the bonus scatter symbols, however those symbols can only spin in on the odds numbered reels.

One thing you will notice watching the YouTube slot player Stop and Step playing that slot is that there are two sets of reels on that machine, with the ones on the right hand side of the screen being what are known as Colossal Reels, anyway tune in, sit back and see how he gets on when he finally manages to trigger a huge number of free spins.

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