The beauty of visiting websites such as YouTube, if you are a slot player, is that you are going to come across plenty of different slot channels on which you will be able to watch the slot playing activities of players based in many different countries of the world.

One slot player that does have a very popular slot channel on YouTube is Stop and Step, and being based in the UK you are going to be able to watch him play a range of different slot and fruit machines you may never have seen or come across before.

Whilst he will be trying his hand at playing slots in land based casinos across the UK, he does also enjoy playing fruit machines in land based amusement arcades and you will also see him playing slot machines that are available on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals or FOBT’s as they are known in many different betting shops too.

The above video shows Stop and Step paying a visit to an Adult Entertainment Centre, which is not a brothel but a type of amusement arcade that are strictly for adults only based on the fact the slot and fruit machines inside them can be played for some fairly high stakes.

He sets about playing a type of slot machine which are collectively known as Community Slots, and when playing those types of slots which are all linked together, when a bonus game is triggered all of the players playing the slot at that moment in time will often get to play off that bonus game individually.

As such those types of slot machines are great ones to play when you are out playing slots with friends or family member, however as you will discover from the video above, there is never any knowing of just how much you could win if and when those community based bonus games are triggered and awarded to you.

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