I am sure that plenty of you slot players out there will have at one time or another started to play a slot machine and have found that machine eats up your bankroll so very quickly, that you didn’t get any fun or enjoyment out of playing it.

That is of course the risk any slot player takes, for being completely random games of chance, you just never know in advance whether you are going to be spinning in lots of winning combinations, or whether you will get plenty of bonus games and/or bonus features being awarded to you either.

Now, most players will of course have one aim when playing any type of slot machine, and that will be to walk off with more money than they initially started playing with, but there is an element of entertainment value you will also be looking for when playing slot machines too.

Therefore, one of the very best slot playing tips I can pass onto you, which is one that you should be using each time you do set about playing slot machines anywhere is to actively be on the hunt for the slot machines on which there is an above average long term expect pay-out percentage.

The higher the RTP, which means return to player, which is another way of displaying what the pay-out percentage is on any slot machine, the better, and just so you know, most slot machines these days come with RTP’s of 94% to 96%.

So whenever you are thinking about spending any amount of time playing slot machines, you should first look up the RTP’s of each slot you fancy getting stuck into playing, and if any of them do not offer pay-out percentages higher than 96%, then you will be best off giving them a wide berth and be on the hunt for slots offering much higher paybacks, and there should be plenty of them on offer no matter where you are playing.

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