It can often be the case that those employees working inside a casino and on the gaming floor have much more chance of pulling off a well-planned scam, and one former slot technician over at the MGM Springfield must have convinced himself his resourceful scam would never be uncovered.

That slot technical it is alleged is one Salvador Montalvo Jr., a 54-year-old who had been working at that casino for quite some time.

Part and parcel of the job of a slot technician is of course to repair any faults that any slot machines could be experiencing and test any slot machines that may have an intermittent fault too.

It soon dawned on Montalvo that whenever a slot machine needed testing in a real money playing environment just how easy it would be to get cash from the cashiers cage to test that machine, but he would first have to sign a cash slip and get his supervisor to sign the slip too, and then hand it over to one of the on duty cashiers in the cage who would then hand over the case meant to be used to test that slot machine.

However, it would appear that he was in fact handing over many slips during the course of his employment at the MGM Springfield, which appeared to be signed by both him and his supervisor however it has been alleged that he had forged the signature of his supervisor.

He did not of course, as per the allegations made at his recent indictment, use the cash given by the cashiers to test the slot machines he said needed testing but simply pocketed the case instead

When his bosses at the casino became aware of his alleged slot machine scam they launched an investigation which showed that during a six month period from August 2018 and January 2019 some $24,000 had been obtained from the cashiers cage, with only some $2000 having been used to test the slot machines he claimed needed testing.

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