With the most popular slot games being those which offer bonus games of one type or another it wasn\’t long before savvy plays start to pay careful attention to these kinds of games in regards to the number of reels symbols on each payline and then working out how often it would be before they hit these bonus games.

If you have access to the reel strips you can quite easily work out how often on average it will take you to hit the bonus feature rounds and by putting in to place a staking strategy the most savvy of players can aim to get the maximum returns when playing any type of bonus game awarding video slot.

However laying out the reel strips is not something everyone can do however we have found out how many reel symbols are on each reel on a wide variety of slot games and by working out how many of the bonus or scatter symbols there are on each reel we have found out on average how many spins there should be between each bonus game.

We should point out that this is not an exact science as slot games are all powered by a random number generator but if all things go to plan by carefully rasing your stakes as the bonus rounds are approaching and due to hit you will maximize the returns when they do indeed trigger.

As most bonus video slots let you increase the number of coins per line per game yourself then one good way to play this strategy is to play the first 50 spins on one coin per line, then increase them by one coin for each of the following 20 spins thereafter. As we say we cannot guarantee that the feature round will trigger as it should in a set amount of spins, if it does you will get the best returns should everything fall into place.

Bonus Game Slots Fact and Figures

Below you will find some of the most popular bonus video slots available at the casinos listed below and you will find out how often on average the bonus games should trigger basing this information on you playing the maximum number of pay lines on each spin of the reels you make.

Ladies Nite – The free spins bonus game on this ladies night out themed slot game should spin on every 143 spins, so if you want to try and give it a go then you know what and when the free spins should hit.

Loaded – This is a great bonus video slot as when you trigger the free spins bonus round you can select one of three ways in which it will play out, if you are spinning the maximum number of pay lines the free spins should on average trigger every 109 spins which is quite a low number of spins between bonus games!

Mermaids Millions – This is one of the older video slot games from Microgaming however it does offer two different bonus games the first of which is the free spins which will on average trigger once every 143 spins, the bonus picking feature will trigger on average around once every 63 spins so bare that in mind!

Muchkins – This game should see you triggering the free spins bonus game once every 94 spins, and this popular video slot machine is known for re-triggering the free spins quite often so you can amass even more of them once the bonus game is playing out.

Moonshine – This is one of the easiest video slots to hit the free spins round on, however you get to play a picking game to see how many free spins you have won and that can mean you may only win a few of them, however on average they will appear ever 88 spins.

Secret Admirer -The bonus game on this video slot machine is a rather unique free spins respin type game, however when all things go to plan you should see it triggering once every 139 spins, so use that information wisely!

Ho Ho Ho – It will be three or more of the scatter symbols you are hoping will spin in anywhere in view on the Ho Ho Ho slot and that is the key to triggering the free spins bonus round which should appear once every 94 spins

Harveys – The trick to winning the free spins on this slot game is to try and get a bonus symbol on both reels 2 and 4 both at the same time when you do a special multiplier value comes into play as the free spins play out, you should trigger this free spins round every 127spins.

Spring Break – Another of the older video slots which you will find in the gaming suite of any of our Microgaming casinos and three of the scatter symbols anywhere in view (or even four or five of them) will launch the free spins bonus game which should on average occur every 143 spins.

Tally Ho – This bonus video slot machine can and does award a free spins bonus feature round which due to the large multiplier that comes into play when triggered it can dish out some huge winning payouts, on average this will happen around every 143 spins.

Where To Play Bonus Slot Games

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