It has been stood at the Northern end of the Las Vegas strip for many decades now, in fact it was back in 1968 that the doors to the Circus Circus Casino first swung open, and it has been welcoming guests and gamblers each day ever since.

However, if there is one description I could give for that casino, it is cheap and cheerful, for whilst it is owned and operated by the mighty MGM Resorts International, it has always been a venue that is aimed at Vegas visitors on a budget.

It does also attract families too, for at the rear of the property there is a funfair or what some people would call a theme park, in which all manner of thrill rides are on offer, and as such those travelling to Vegas with kids will have something on offer in that property to keep their kids amused for hours.

Due to the low cost budget rooms on offer, and their location, many of which are set away from the main property in a  motel type of layout, it isn’t a casino that you are going to ever want to visit if you cannot stand kids, as there will be lot of them wandering around and causing their usual chaos.

You could I suppose use the Circus Circus Casino as a low cost base if you want to be located on the Las Vegas Strip when visiting Vegas, and there are plenty of public transport links that you can make use of such as the Deuce Bus which stops just outside the front of the casino.

Whether or not you are going to enjoy playing the slot machines in the Circus Circus, well there are plenty of them available, but they are laid out on the gaming floor in an unusual way, and as such there will be lots of little nooks and crannies you can wander into and play slots in relative peace.

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