Over in Southern Ireland, the land-based slot machine industry has been governed by the Gaming and Lotteries Act for many decades, in fact that Act did become law in Ireland way back in the year 1956 and hasn’t been overhauled or changed since that year.

That does of course mean that there are some weird and wonderful laws in place surrounding slot machines in Ireland, one being that the maximum stake limit is just 3 Cents, and the maximum amount a player can win from a single spin is a ridiculous 50 Cents.

However, many slot machine operators have been flouting those laws for years, and as the Gaming and Lotteries Act hasn’t been properly policed for many years now, the powers that being in Ireland have decided the time is now right to bring that Act bang up to date.

As such a new set of rules and regulations surrounding the operator of slot machines in Ireland is currently before the Oireachtas, and if approved there will be some very major changes to the stakes and prizes that land based slot machines can and will be able to offer players.

It has been proposed that the maximum stake per spin on licensed slot machines will be massively increased to €10 per spin, and a new maximum pay-out per single spin of some 750 has also been proposed.

Anyone wishing to play slot machines will be required to be over the age of 18 if the changes to the Act are put into place too, however there are many people up in arms so to speak about those proposed changes, with many stating that it will lead to many more people experiencing gambling related problems should the new maximum stake proposals become law.

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