To read the slot tips for online games visit my ebook providing tips on playing video and reel slot online games. Please see the left column under the title of slot tips eBook. Some of the stuff may be old news to you so I\’d suggest if that is true then start at the page called /”winning streak/” and go from there.

Slot casinos online offer a wide variety of game choices and there are a considerable variety of gaming establishments where they can be enjoyed  but be cautious of where you choose to play because while all slot casinos on line will take your money not all will be so quick to pay any out regardless of whether the player won.

Please bookmark slot tips for online games now so you can remember where to return for updated advice and most importantly to choose your slot casinos on line from somewhere that gives the confidence of enjoying a 3rd party entity who has a financial investment that you are treated fairly and that represents literally thousands of current and future players which would be at risk of loss to that gaming establishment if it were to ever mistreat you or not pay on a legitimate withdrawal which by the way is the most common way people get cheated when gambling on line.

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As you can see above and pages listed as /”jackpots I\’ve won/”,  I have won quite a few nice jackpots and there are more although I admit those above are probably the biggest. Anyway I\’d like to share with you my slot tips for online games, which of course have been successful for me in winning those jackpots (amongst others, you will read where I often cruise right through a win using the auto pilot feature and thus miss any chance for getting a picture, but for good reason: see eBook), and what is likely more valuable to you than any slot tips for online games that I could offer, which is how to avoid getting cheated when you gamble on line and are lucky enough to have a turn in the big jackpot winners circle.

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Just like in real life, there exists an element of both good and bad on line. Further is there is seldom a distinct line separating slot casinos on line into one of those two distinct categories. Most gaming sites are now sophisticated enough to easily side-step the worry of being labeled as a cheat or non-payer by using such tactics as selectively choosing those they will not pay. Any small sum is of course paid and if you\’re not proven to be just a bonus chaser then it is pretty easy getting a withdrawal completed.

However that all changes dramatically if there is a large sum of money involved, especially if the player joined the casino by finding it through a search engine such as Google, or through a link that may have arrived in a spam email. In any case where the player arrives without any real recourse that person is much more at risk of becoming a victim than someone arriving from a reputable online casino portal or gambling guide.

This gambling guide offers recourse plus some good slot tips for online games. How many other slots tippers can show you they\’ve truly been successful? Learn what works for me and perhaps you too will enjoy the kind of success I have enjoyed. Thank you again good people for reading my slot tips, trusting my judgment on which are the best slot casinos on line, and for your patronage. It is appreciated and I try to show that with offers on our site.