I like to showcase to you long forgotten slot machines that are still available at some of our featured casino sites, for many players tend to play just the very latest video slots and can overlook the older styled 3 reel and classic slots.

The main reason why slot players tend not to play classic slots is that then often find them rather boring, for they are not usually slots on which players can for example trigger any type of bonus game or bonus feature.

However, over at Zodiac Casino you will find quite a collection of 3 reel and classic slot machines which do have some form of bonus game attached to them that can be triggered at any time too.

With that in mind what I would like to do today is to look at one of those slots in detail and give you an insight into why it may just be a slot worth tracking down and playing, if you fancy taking a step back in time and playing one of the older slot games in the very near future.

The slot I will be taking a look at is the Sizzling Scorpions slot, which is one of Microgaming slightly more advanced classic slots, on which with some luck in playing can see players winning some very sizable amounts of cash when they are playing it online.

Scorpion Based Racing Bonus Game

Being a classic slot, the Sizzling Scorpions slot is one on which players are only going to have one single pay-line to put into live play, however it is a multi-denomination slot on which players can play for some low to high coin values, and there is also the added option to play one, two or three coins per spin too.

The best tip for playing that slot by the way is by activating three coins spins, as that way the jackpot on offer is boosted in value, and the bonus game element attached to the slot is activated, meaning players playing for 3 coins spins have the chance of triggering it, but players playing for one or two coins do not.

That bonus game is triggered as soon as a player manages to spin in the Vulture symbol on the pay-line, and once it has been spun in the bonus game screen will then load and players are tasked with picking one of three onscreen scorpions that are about to take part in a race.

A cash prize is then awarded to players, the value of which is determined based on just where their chosen scorpion finishes in in the race, the biggest prize being awarded when a chosen scorpion finishes in first place of course.

One other reason why I do think that is an excellent slot to play, is that it has been designed and built around a long term RTP of some 96.28%, which in the greater scheme of things is an above average payout percentage especially for a 3 reel slot game.

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