With so many slot machines available at casinos such as Zodiac Casino, Blackjack Ballroom Casino and Grand Mondial Casino, you will probably not yet have played them all, if you do of course have an account at any of those top rated and very popular casino sites.

However, there are a small handful of slots available to players that have a unique type of base game feature, and it is a feature that some of you out there are bound to find very intriguing to say the least.

That feature is commonly known as the single reel re-spin feature, and it is offered to you on each base game spin you play off, and by you choosing to take that feature just one of the five video reels will then be spun, with each of the other four reels remaining locked into position on that spin.

That does of course mean for example that you could lock into position reels on which there are for example scatter symbols, and if you have two of them in view, and take the single reel re-spin feature, you will be hoping that the third scatter symbol will then be spun in on the one reel you select to spin, as that will then see you triggering the bonus game.

You may however prefer to lock into position the reels that have some high valued reel symbols in view, in the hope another matching one then spins in on the reel you select to re-spin, and that will then see you forming any number of winning combinations.

Cost of Taking a Single Reel Re-Spin

There is however a price to be paid for spinning just one reel as opposed to all five video reels, and the cost of that spin will be determined by the reel symbols that are in view on the other four reels and the chances of you spinning in another matching reel symbol.

Underneath each of the five video reels you will see displayed the cost of re-spinning each reel, and that stake could be a low one or a very high stake spin, dependent on what symbols are in view and which reel you chose to spin, and how many symbols are attached to that reel that could help you go on to form a winning combination or trigger the bonus game in respect to scatter and bonus symbols.

One slot that does have a single reel re-spin feature attached to its base game is Microgaming’s Hot Ink slot, which comes with a unique tattoo parlour theme.

When playing that slot the free spins bonus game which awards players with some 20 initial free spins on x2 multipliers which can by the way re-trigger is what you will be hoping is awarded to you, for when it does you have the chances of winning a mind blowing 100,000 coins from that free spins bonus game.

The slot comes with a huge 1024 ways to win type of playing structure, and players can also trigger a pick to win styled bonus game too, and the best aspect of playing that slot is that it has been designed with a long term RTP of some 97.50%.

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