The most common wager you are going to come across whether you place a bet online or in a bookies shop is the good old fashioned single wager, this is when you place just one single bet on any event and aim to predict the name of the winner of that sporting event.

Most bookmakers will offer you a simple set of odds based on what they think the most likely result will be but you will always be able to bet on what you think the result will game

There can be a lot of differences in the odds that different bookmakers offer for each sporting event whether it is a horse race or a soccer match but one site we know that always offers the best odds is Bet365.

Below you will find a wide range of sporting events on which you can place a single wager along with some examples of the the different types of single bets that you can place, have a good look through them you may find one that interests you!

Horse Racing Single Bets

When you fancy a flutter on the horses then the most common single wager you can place is to simply pick the winner of the next horse race, you simply need to choose a horse with the best form or one you like the look or name of and bingo!

When you place a single wager on a horse race you can opt to choose the starting price of the horse which is the odds declared at the end of the race. You may however wish to take a price, this is the price you see on the bookmakers board before the race begins and at the time you place the wager.

Some bookmakers will offer you the best price guarantee, this means if you take a price before the race begins and the starting price which is declared at the end of the race is higher they will pay you out, should your horse win at the highest price.

Soccer Single Bets

For anyone wishing to place a single bet on a soccer match then you are going to be faced with several different betting propositions which offer you a wide variety of odds.

You can place a single wager on which soccer team you think will win the match outright, or you can choose which team will lose or even if the game will end in a draw plus a whole host of other single wager.

Additional single wagers include what the correct score will be or who you think will score the first or last goal or even if you think a certain number of yellow or red cards will be awarded during the soccer match!

Golf Single Bets

One of the most common sporting events that has one of the biggest wagers made on it is the game of golf and much like the above two sporting types you can place a large number of different single wagers on each golfing tournament.

The most common single wager is for who you think will end up winning the golf tournament outright, but you can also place single wagers during the tournament by selecting who you think will win each particular round or match played, there can be a lot of value should you shop around and odds can vary from bookmaker to bookmaker.

Bet365 offer some of the best single bet odds either online or offline so if you look for and demand the highest odds on any sporting wager you make, and let’s face it no one wants to be paid out at even money when you could be getting two to one, then make sure you always check the current live odds offered by Bet365 who are famed for their high odds and low margins.

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