The way in which slot machines have been designed to operate in different playing environments, can often have a direct effect on your chances of winning, and that is often the case when you come across brand-new slot machines.

When you pay a visit to a land based casino for example, and a new bank of slot machines has been rolled out onto the casino floor, then it can often be beneficial for you to give some of those brand new and never seen before slot machines some play time.

That is due to the fact that many casino operators will configure their brand-new slot machines with a much higher pay-out percentages for a short period of time whilst they are still new to the casino floor.

By doing so players will get much more player time thanks to those higher RTP’s and will then possibly return to playing those slot machines later, which is when the casino operators will then lower the RTP’s back down again.

That is something however that you will rarely if ever find happening when you play online slot machines or play slot machines  on any type of mobile device, for when an operator of a casino site or casino app does have new slot machines on offer, the RTP’s are not going to change over the life time of that slot.

As such if you do fancy playing new slot machines then you should be tracking them down in land based casinos, however if you want to play older styled slot machines and those that have been around for years, but want to play online, then look up the pay-out percentages attached to each slot at any online casino sites, and play those that return over 97.00% of players stakes over the long term.

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