Mobile Poker Game

Who says playing video poker has to be a dull experience and now thanks to MFortune Casino you can play a raunchy little version of the game directly on your mobile phone.

If you are male then probably you will prefer to version that feature a range of hot babes, you will be presented with a cast of gorgeous models in all poses as you play it to add a bit of mmm excitement as you play it.

Play Sexy Poker Game on your handy

For all you Lady video poker players out there then you will be able to select the male model version and this will show you a selection of Hunky male models as you play the base game!

The game of Sexy Poker is basically a Jacks or Better video poker game and you get presented with five playing cards once you hit the deal button at the start of each new game.

You are then tasked with deciding whether to hold any of these cards or discarding any of them and any discards will be replaced by a new card, the aim of the game is to end each game with one of the ranked hands as displayed on the pay table.


Sexy Poker Playing Tips

The first tip we should give you for the Sexy Poker game is for you not to get too distracted by the sexy models that will pop up on your screen! Don\’t let them get you too excited and make you forget that you are actually trying to end the game with a winning ranked poker hand as displayed on the paytable!

Another tip is although the Royal Flush is the best paying hand you will not get this on every game you play obviously, so make sure you never discard a winning hand by hoping you will get a Royal Flush by holding one off cards found in this particular hand.


Play Sexy Poker On Your Mobile

You can play the Sexy Poker game in either a free play mode or the real money money, to get you head around how it works then it is probably best to play it for free for a while until you know how it works pays and plays. then when you are ready to play for real you can always claim that bankroll boosting welcome bonus they are offering at MFortune Casino.

If for any reason your mobile signal drops then you will be able to log back in and not lose out when the signal returns as all games are securely stored on the games server and will be viewable whenever you log in again.