You may have seen the brand spanking new, all singing and all dancing Elvira video slot on a casinos gaming floor, and that fully themed slot machine does of course feature the actress that plays the role of Elvira that being Cassandra Peterson who could appear on the screen at any time and give you some words of encouragement.

However, what you may not be aware of is that many years ago, back in the early 2000’s another Elvira themed slot machine was launched which took pride of place on many a Las Vegas casinos gaming floor.

If you are wondering who or what Elvira was, well she was the character in the cult film Elvira Mistress of the Dark, and if you haven’t seen that film then I encourage you to track it down and watch it, as it will have you rolling around with laughter for sure.

Compared to the second slot in the series that was released just a few years ago, the original slot was a very basic slot in its design, and as such I am convinced that you will have a smile on your face when playing that newer slot.

At random you may just see Elvira wandering onto the screen and passing on to you all manner of saucy inuendo as you are playing, and she will be waving her boobs around at some point in time too, (believe me, she does).

This is one of those slot machines that Aristocrat the company that launched it really should be proud of for it comes with loads of pay-lines and does let players put into play low to high stake amounts too, so its suitable for all levels of slot player.

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