You would have thought these days, that a casino management team at any land based casino would welcome slot players such as SD Guy into their properties with open arms, for with tens of thousands of subscribers, some of them may fancy trying their luck in the casinos he visits.

Whilst it is true to say that many casinos are more than happy to let players film their ongoing slot playing exploits, however every now and then he comes across a member of a casinos security team or he comes to the attention of a casino manager who are set in their ways.

Anybody that has watched him playing slots on his YouTube channel, will be more than aware he speaks his mind, but there is no getting away from the fact that his videos are fun to watch, and you will certainly find out what he feels whilst winning or losing.

Well, he recently received a letter from a casino he had visited recently, as you will find out as you watch the above video, and that letter tells him that he is no longer welcome in that casino, and will run the risk of having his credits and any winnings confiscated if he does step foot inside that casino or any others they run in the future.

The strange thing about that letter, is that he wasn’t spoken to by anybody when visiting the casino, and that leads him to believe that the casino manager had watched one of his slot playing video he uploaded of himself playing in her casino, and she didn’t like what she saw.

If you haven’t yet watched SD Guy playing slot machines, then I would urge you to get over to YouTube and subscribe, for you are going to be entertained by his ramblings and actions as he is playing all manner of different slots, and to be fair he is a great guy and one many slot players do enjoy watching play.

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