The intrepid slot game player SD Guy certainly gets about a bit, and on his latest travels he comes across a brand-new Willy Wonka slot and gives it his best shot.

As you have probably come to expect from him, and as is always the case with SD Guy, he goes on his usual rollercoaster of a ride, and lets the slot machine know exactly what he thinks of it during the course of that session, which you can watch on the video below.

Keep in mind that if you are of a delicate nature or quite averse to his outlandish and hysterical antics whilst playing slots, you may be best advised not to watch this video, however if you do it will certainly put a smile on your face for sure.

You will find plenty of other slot machines that do come with a similar theme and to be fair to the developer of that slot they have certainly ensured that players will come back for more when playing it.

Jam packed with bonus games and bonus features, and as there is always the chance of a massive jackpot pay-out, the series of Willy Wonka themed slots are worth checking out and playing, if you ever do come across them in any casinos you are playing in.

Just be aware that when playing any type of progressive slot game, you should always ensure that you play them in the way that they have been designed to offer you the chance of winning the progressive jackpot, which in most cases will require you to put into live play maximum bet spins, but always read the pay tables to discover how such slots can and will award their respective progressive jackpots to players.

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