There are plenty of slot machines located all over Vegas, however those that are found in McCarran Airport are not best known for being the most generous of slots.

That is of course due to the captive audience at that airport, and due to players not having any other choice than to play the slots from the same operator at the airport, there is no incentive for that operator to offer high pay-out percentages.

As such, all players do need to be aware that when it comes to slots with decent long term expected pay-out percentages those slots found at McCarren airport are not famed for their high RTP’s and as such do not expect to get a fair amount of your stakes back as winning pay-outs unless you are very lucky of course.

That isn’t something that seems to worry SD Guy, for within seconds of him getting off a recent flight to Vegas he decided to try his luck on a range of different slot machines as he made his way through the airport.

Possibly he had his mind set on winning a huge jackpot, and in the past some players have won big when playing the slot machines at McCarren airport, however you could probably count those mega winning players on the fingers of one hand, as huge jackpot winners are quite rare at McCarren airport, or that seems to be the case.

Anyway, feel free to tune into his slot play video above, as to be fair to him he does have some luck playing those slot machines, but whether he wins the big one, well you will have to tune in and watch how he gets on, and do make sure that you head on over to the SDGuy YouTube channel and subscribe to his channel too.

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