I have noticed that SD Guy has been getting a lot braver when playing slot machines in land-based casinos recently, and he has been increasing the stakes he plays for, and they do say that fortune favours the brave.

He also likes to swap and change the casinos he plays at too, and as such you are going to find him playing slots in all manner of weird and wonderful places, with different levels of luck too, it does have to be said.

Make sure that you do subscribe to the SD Guy YouTube Channel, and turn your notifications on when doing so, as that way you will find out instantly when he has just loaded up a new slot play video, and will also get an idea of when he is broadcasting live too.

In his video above, you will see him trying his luck on a range of different slot machines, playing for plenty of different stakes, however it does appear that Lady Luck was at his site when he set about playing the new 007 James Bond slot.

One thing he has recently started doing, is rubbing his fingers over the nose of the onscreen character, and who knows, perhaps James Bond liked the smell of his fingers that day, and he does go on to win a huge hand pay jackpot.

Just keep in mind though, that if you do set about playing slot machines in any playing environment, for real money, you have a fair chance of losing, so try not to get too carried away with the stake levels that you do play any slot machines for, as when things are going to your way, to quote SD Guy, you could turn into an angry gambler, and no one likes an angry gambler

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