You have to hand it to Michael O’Leary, the CEO of Ryanair, for if there is a way that he can dream up of reducing the cost of his flights then you can bet your bottom dollar that he will do whatever is required to do just that.

Not everyone is a fan of flying with Ryanair of course, for some of his cost cutting measures have annoyed customers over the years, however they are a forward thinking company and as long as you follow their rules, you can save a small fortune taking a flight to and from any European country.

One thing that I do know O’Leary has been very eager to do, is to offer games of chance such a slot machines on his flights to players that are over the age of 18, and he has been tirelessly looking at ways that seat back casino types games could be installed on his company’s aircraft.

The one stumbling block however has been the fact that technology isn’t in place yet that will allow for instant yet secure payment system to be installed on aircraft, and as such as gamblers would be paying for their slot machines and other casino games credits with their debit or credits cards that is something that cannot yet be done when an aircraft is in flight.

It will however only be a matter of time before such secure and importantly instant payment systems are in place, and in fact I am aware that some airlines are trailing such a service.

So I think its very fair and true to say that it will not be very long before Ryanair does offer a range of slot machines and other casino games to their customers, who will be able to while away any length of time on a flight playing whichever games of chance has caught their eye for real money, all from a  seat back screen.

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